Monday, January 6, 2014



Hello, US History Students!  Congratulations on another school cancellation and one whopper of a Winter Break.  Get ready to buckle-down.  We have a ton to do today.  Your Blizzard Bag Work involves two sections.

The first section is our classwork.  The Blizzard Bag page on the side of the blog describes your assignment.  You will be studying for our test tomorrow and WRITING A TAKE HOME ESSAY. See the Blizzard Bag page for details.

The second section is homework.  
For homework tonight, watch this video that reviews the Great War and transitions into the post-war era of the 1920s and the Great Depression.  Pay attention to the presentation on WWI and use it as further review for our test.  The segments on the roaring 1920s and Prohibition should be viewed with the purpose of considering how best to describe the era.  Was this truly a period of pleasure-seeking prosperity, or was there an undercurrent of internal social decay?  Can you identify any markers that would indicated the Great Depression to come?  The sections on Prohibition run long.  You are only required to watch the first segment.

This video is located on Discovery Education.  The link below brings you to the Discovery homepage.
You will need to log-in as me and follow the directions below:
Subscriber Log-In: jdocarmo71
Passcode: Kingswood

Goto :  "My Content" tab in the upper left hand section of the screen
Goto:   "US History Blizzard Bag" tab.  Double-Click

Watch the video.

From the Great War to the Great Depression  THIS IS THE LINK TO DISCOVERY EDUCATION