Great Depression & WWII Unit


Unit Enduring Understandings
Recklessness, despair and failure leads to re-evaluation of conditions and new opportunities.

The rise of totalitarian dictators was a threat to democracy and U.S. economic and political interests across the globe

The attack on Pearl Harbor rallied and unified Americans in support of the war both militarily and on the home front
1.      Lecture/Analysis : The Great Depression
The Americans p. 669-683
Depression Era: Overview & Causes

2.      Jackdaw Activity: The New Deal
·         Broadsheet I:  The Depression and Franklin Roosevelt
·         Broadsheet II: The Roosevelt Leadership
·         Broadsheet III: The New Deal in Action
·         Broadsheet IV: The New Deal in Action
·         Broadsheet V: New Deal Critics and the Election of 1936
·         Broadsheet VI: The Record of the New Deal

3.      Chart: New Deal Legislation
The Americans p.694 – 727

4.      Reading Strategy: Construct a paragraph using 8 of the following words
dictator              nationalism             neutrality
totalitarianism   chancellor               fortification
purge                  aggression               alliance
fascism                appeasement           blitzkrieg

5.      World War II Game: Data Sheet I (Areas/Features/Places)
Data Sheet II (Actions/Battles/Campaigns/Sieges)                                                                            Pre-Test, Game, Post-Test
                                                                        The Americans p. 756-763
                                                                        Video: Pear Harbor by National Geographic

6.      Flip Book “American Story of World War II” : Working in pairs, students will design a flip book featuring each year of WWII (1939-1945), that includes two events from each year with photos, illustrations and maps.  One event will address the war directly; the other will address the American home front.  Each event in the flip book must have an original paragraph describing the event and its importance to the war effort (no cutting and pasting).  The final page of the flip book will include your references/works cited.
The Americans p. 775 -793
U.S. History in Context
TLS Hitler/Stalin (Stalingrad)


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