Course Syllabus

United States History
Mrs. Murray do Carmo
Room 211


Kingswood Regional High School provides a safe learning community in which all students and educators work together to preserve our past and shape our future as we reach for personal success.  Kingswood Regional High School is committed to an equitable and flexible learning environment where students and educators learn to:
  •          Develop academically as inquisitive, critical, independent and cooperative learners.
  •          Develop respect for ourselves and others.
  •          Embrace the challenges and responsibilities of participating in a democratic society.
  •      Nurture individual talents and abilities

Course Description:

This course provides a comprehensive study of the United States both chronologically and thematically from the Revolutionary War Era to the Modern Era with an emphasis on the 20th century.  Each student is provided the opportunity to examine how the political, economic, social and cultural history of the nation has shaped our unique American society.  Students will develop an understanding of the complex balance between domestic and international concerns that has governed the growth of the United States.  Students will engage in a variety of research-based activities and assignments to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding throughout the semester.  Such activities include class discussions, individual/collaborative/cooperative projects, persuasive writings, presentations, and traditional assessments. Students are expected to be active participants in the course, not merely observers.  They will be challenged to think historically and critically about the dynamic history of our nation.  Current issues and events will be examined throughout the year.

Course Resources:

The Americans course textbook
Ellis, Joseph J. Founding Brothers.  New York: Vintage Books, 2000.
Additional resources will include selected readings, primary sources, simulations and recreations, videos, and Library/Class references
Time, The Week, Up Front

Respect and Responsibility:

History comes to life through engaging and dynamic conversations amongst peers.  In order to  create this kind of classroom community, students are expected to be courteous and respectful of the rights and views of all class members.  Students are expected to attend class, participate in class activities and discussions, and complete all readings and assignments.  Assignments must be completed on time and will be deducted points accordingly when late.  If an absence is unavoidable it is your responsibility to find out what was missed in class (refer to Unit Sheets).


25% Statement/Position Papers
25% Group Project
25% Tests
15% Homework/Journal
10% Class Participation

Course Goal:

The goal of this course is to develop in each student a critical awareness and appreciation of the history of the United States.  Through participation in this course students will cultivate a complex and in-depth understanding of American History and the influential events and leaders that make this history exceptional.  Cultural literacy and the ability to investigate, analyze, and make links to current issues will be important aspects of the United States History curriculum.

Intervention Policy:

            Red Flag                                                                                 Intervention
            Grade point average 76% or below                            Conference with teacher to develop a
            at first two-week check                                              plan to get back on track
 (assignment or tutorial)

            Test grade of 76% or below                                        Mandatory make-up session

            Missing two homework assignments                          Mandatory after school session to
                                                                                                make up assignments

            Grade point average of 76% or below                        Conference with teacher, student,
            at interims                                                                   and parent.  Mandatory tutoring

            Missing three or more consecutive                              Call home; mandatory make-up
            Classes or more than five classes (term)                     session with on-line assignments

Course Materials:

1”  three-ring binder (digital journal)
2-3” three-ring binder (course notes, readings, assignments)
Green pen (corrections)
Pen and pencil

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