Hello US History!  Its been a long time since we met, although it was nice to see those of you who braved the weather on Thursday.  As you can imagine, we are behind schedule due to our delays and cancellations. Your paper copy of your Blizzard Bag is no longer relevant as we have at least made it past the Progressive Movement! Woot. Woot.  I will be available to answer any questions you may have.  

 Your Blizzard Bag Assignment has three parts. 

1. ADD TO STUDY GUIDES.  Please see the separate page on our class blog (Study Guide Notes)  with my notes that I would like you to add to your study guides.  We would have reviewed these points today in class.  ANYONE WHO WAS ABSENT THURSDAY - please add the following terms to your study guides: British Blockades, Platt Amendment, Neutrality, Freedom of the Seas, Convoy System

2.STUDY.  Really....  STUDY.   Please review your completed Study Guides and be prepared to take our Imperialism/WWI test TUESDAY when we return to school.  I will review with you briefly and answer any questions you may have, but be ready to take the multiple-choice and Short Answer sections. There will be 20 Multiple Choice questions and a choice of 5 out of 7 terms for identification.

3. TAKE HOME ESSAY.  Instead of an in-class essay for the test, please select ONE of the following essay questions and complete a five paragraph essay in response.  This essay must be either dropped in our class drop-box (follow the directions at the box) or shared with me on Google Drive today.

                           Option 1 : Explain the outcome of the Spanish-American War and contrast the views
                                            of those who supported the acquisition of  the Philippines with those 
                                            opposed to it.
                          Option 2 : Analyze four events and/or factors that caused the United States to move                                              from a policy of neutrality to joining the Allied nations of World War I.

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